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    How Many Pillows Do I Really Need?

    Is less actually more? Well in some cases, the answer is yes. But when it comes to how many pillows you should use, it depends on your personal sleep style and how you arrange your pillows on the bed to ensure the best body alignment while you rest.

    Since the number of pillows used typically depends on which sleeping position you prefer, it is first important to identify your personal sleep style. You may need to ask your partner or family member how you lay on the bed when you’re getting shut-eye, if you’re unsure. You can also stop in one of our stores and ask a Mattress Firm employees for help.

    Now that you know how you sleep on the bed, you can determine the amount of pillows that are recommended and where to position them for the most comfort and ideal body alignment.

    Back Sleeper:

    Try to use one pillow for your head and one wedged under your knees to take the pressure off your lower back.

    Side Sleeper:

    If you’re a side sleeper, place one pillow for your head, a small one underneath your top armpit, and one between your legs to keep your spine aligned might help you sleep more comfortably.

    Stomach Sleeper:

    While we don’t recommend sleeping on your stomach — as doing so can cause pain issues — we do suggest using one pillow for your head and another thin pillow under your abdomen to take pressure off of your back.

    No matter your sleep style, experts recommend only one pillow for your head. The purpose of a head pillow is to support your neck and spine, and using too many can cause neck discomfort and can disrupt your sleep. In fact, this pillow is incredibly important for your overall sleep quality because up to 20% of your body weight is being supported by it.

    If you find that only using a single pillow is uncomfortable, then you may not be using the right pillow for your body. You want your neck and spine to be aligned, so using more than one can add too much height, causing broken sleep, snoring and a stiff neck.

    If you’re struggling to find a pillow that works for you, study up on these tips and use our guide on things to consider when selecting a new pillow. The latest technology has made its way into pillows similar to our Mattress Firm mattresses with features such as gel, memory foam or fiberfill.

    Whether you are looking for an affordable pillow for the guest room, a luxury cushion for you or your aging parent, it is helpful to visit with a sleep consultant at a Mattress Firm store to touch and feel the pillows to determine the best option for you.

    Regardless of how many pillows you sleep on at night, make sure you’re sleeping comfortably and in a healthy way.

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