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    New Mattress or New Mattress Topper? Knowing the Difference

    Sleep can lead to better health, weight control, clearer thinking and can even put you in a better mood. However, these benefits don’t just show up overnight.

    Doctors recommend getting a full eight hours of sleep in order to see these changes. If you spend this much time in bed but still feel like a zombie in the morning, it may be because you’re not getting enough quality sleep.

    This could be caused by something as simple as living in a noisy apartment, or it could be because you do not have the best mattress or sleep accessories. If you wake up feeling stiff or have a hard time getting comfortable at night, consider giving your bed and mattress a serious upgrade.

    Benefits of a Mattress Topper

    Many question whether to just buy a new mattress topper or purchase an entirely new mattress with box springs. Although a mattress pad may not ultimately provide you with the support you need to sleep, it can be a temporary, affordable, and comfortable fix to a restless night of sleep. A Mattress Firm employee can help you decide what option is best for you and your sleep needs.

    Toppers generally range from $100 – $500, with each providing a unique sleeping experience. Most are foam-based, but there are also specialty mattress pads that include gel memory foam as well as cooling technology. Mattress pads go on top of your mattress and can quickly alter the feel of your bed.

    Although toppers can provide an easy solution to a more comfortable mattress for the short term, their support and softness will fade over time. In order to experience improvement on your overall sleep health, it’s important to invest in the right mattress for you. Finding the right mattress can seem overwhelming. Find a Mattress Firm location near you and let us help you find the best mattress for your best night sleep, yet.

    If you are having difficulty sleeping or are simply in desperate need of a change, a new mattress can help provide you with the sleep you need. If you know your mattress is past its prime, explore some newer options including a technology temperature regulation system within the mattress called TempActiv™.

    Different from a topper, the comfort of a new mattress is not found directly on the surface; it is found within the structure of the inside, which won’t be fixed with a mattress pad on top. Layers of springs, memory foam and padding are what truly provide the mattress support one needs to achieve a good night’s sleep.

    Make a difference in your bedtime routine by treating yourself to years of superior sleep. Whether you are looking for a quick remedy or a long-term resolution, updating your bed with new sleep necessities is always a good idea. You can explore mattresses and sleep accessories at one of our Mattress Firm locations in your area.

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